Why You Should Use a Real Estate Agent in Thailand

If you’re considering purchasing property in Thailand, either to live in, to run a business from, or for investment purposes, working with a real estate agent can often ease the process. With our experience and expertise on your side, there are several ways you can benefit. Here are just a few reasons why you may want to use Landmark Thai Real Estate as your Thailand real estate agent:

Knowing the local market and being up to date with evolving trends, prices and neighbourhood information is the job of a real estate agent. You can often get solid information on the home’s community, amenities and infrastructure, for example. Our expertise about property purchases and rentals can help you make informed decisions before you sign any lease or sale and purchase agreement.

We’ve all heard the saying about networks and connections, “it’s who you know”. Well, in an industry that’s highly competitive, you’ll want someone who can get you to the right people. Agents are often well acquainted with contractors and other service providers who you may need to engage for all sorts of work. Not only that, but we can connect you with real estate lawyers and other professionals in the industry as well. 

Time Saving Benefits:
Real estate agents can save you the time and hassle of handling administrative tasks, pre-screening properties based on your preferences, and scheduling viewings on your behalf. We also sometimes have access to listings that aren’t publicised, giving you a wider range of options. This way, we try and save you a significant amount of time. There’s no need to go through hundreds of pages of condo listings to shortlist just 10-20 properties. We’ll pre-screen them and give you options – and schedule viewings for options that you like, making the entire process seamless for you.

Language Barrier:
The language barrier can sometimes limit the number of properties available for rent/sale that you know about. Even if you are able to access them, the language barrier can make it difficult to communicate and/or negotiate with the property owner. By using the services of an agent such as Landmark Thai Real Estate, you can have someone bridge that gap and secure you the best possible deal.

Administrative Assistance:
Simply put, nobody likes paperwork. By using the services of an agency, you have someone on hand who can help with the legal processes, contracts, requirements and potential issues. We are aware of what this documentation should look like, so you run less of a risk of error. 

There are plenty of other reasons to consider using a real estate agent, but these give you a good indication of the benefits of using the services of an agency. But with these reasons alone, why would you not want to use Landmark Thai Real Estate as your real estate agent? We’re not just in it to have you rent or purchase the most expensive property – we’re here to help you find something you think is suitable, and can help make an oft overwhelming and important decision more digestible and feasible.

As a prospective buyer or tenant, you pay no fees to us. Contact Landmark Thai Real Estate today and let us help you find the ideal property for you.