Why Visit Khao Lak

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth visiting Khao Lak, let us give you a potential picture of what it could be like:
You’re feeling that tropical breeze flow through your hair, the warm white sand in between your toes and watching as the beautiful clear blue waters sparkle under the sun.

Khao Lak is the place to be for a serene stay by the beach. Take a break from reality and treat yourself and your loved ones to time along the peaceful coastline

Khao Lak is part of Andaman coast and is an hour or so from Phuket by car. What really sets Khao Lak apart is its peaceful nature. It’s the ideal place for your family to come together and spend some quality time enjoying each other’s company. Dive into the Andaman Sea and witness the aquatic life of sea turtles, tuna, manta rays, and octopi to name a few! Or stay above sea level and go out on a fun boat trip, go rafting in the nearby Khao Sok National Park, or experience riding off-road on an ATV. You could make your way to the pleasant Lampi Waterfall, visit the stunning Similan and Surin islands, go horseriding on the beach, or enjoy some family time playing mini golf.

Take time to learn about your surroundings and delve into the history of the area and how Khao Lak recovered with great vitality after the 2004 tsunami. If you’re considered about tsunamis, Khao Lak is widely considered safe to visit. Besides, measures have been implemented since then, such as early detection systems, evacuation routes, etc.

Khao Lak has shown its resilience and determination to rebuild. At the same time, you can find a few abandoned resorts that never reopened after the tsunami. It’s a truly remarkable place and it can be interesting to see new developments and redevelopment not far from the buildings devastated years ago and never rebuilt since.

Try new flavours and expand your palette! Thai flavours open you up to an exciting new world! With their use of spicy and sweet elements, common household ingredients will be shown in a new light. It’ll have you rethinking your cooking recipes and challenge your adventurous eating! (Don’t worry, with tourists outweighing locals in the area, the spice levels are often toned down to support foreign diets.)

There are plenty of places to accommodate you and your loved ones in Khao Lak, with dozens of resorts all along the coastline. You could choose to book your entire stay at one that really appeals to you or you might even spend a week at one and another week at a different resort just to see which one you prefer based on the offered amenities, location, and the general vibe of the resort.

With that said, in Khao Lak, you get to experience tranquility while still benefitting from having a range of activities you can choose from when you want something to do. Take an authentic Thai cooking class and exploring the markets. Visit an elephant sanctuary or get a traditional Thai massage to unwind after a day exploring.

Khao Lak has what you need to put your mind back on track. We love it, and we think you would too. November – April is the dry season and is considered by many to be the best time to visit this beautiful place.

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